In today’s busy world, people are majorly concerned about filling the tummy and getting energy to work
the whole day. The same they do with their kids healthy and nutritional eating diet pattern they give them what they demand or love to eat
and ignore the fact whether their kids obtaining adequate nutrition or not. Kids majorly prefer to eat junk
food or sugary food that doesn’t help kids in getting the required nutrition. One drawback is that kids are
often fussy eaters, they refuse to eat healthy and green leafy food. To have an intelligent relationship with
food is to treat food as a supply of nutrition and energy.

Many kids only eat certain categories of foods and refuse to eat other healthy foods, that are unable to fulfil
the complete nutrition needs of the body. Many kids choose their foods and portion of food as per the
body signals for hunger. They eat when they feel hungry and stop after they feel full.

As many parents said their kids demand junk food by watching them in grocery stores or in videos and
they have to buy them such junk food to fulfil their demand. Totally we don’t have control over what is being
supplied in stores and restaurants but we do have control over what to pick from the grocery store shelves
or from the restaurant’s menu lists. Try to pick healthy food options for your kids. Read the ingredients of
the products and pick the one that is ideal for kids nutritional needs. These little changes will surely make
a difference in the nutritional lifestyle of your kids.

Go for regular health scans of your kids so that you will have the complete report of your kid’s health and
knows what nutrition is lacking in your kid diet. There is no use to focus on vitamins in the diet of your
kids if they lack protein in their bodies. So, make sure to focus on a complete and balanced nutrition diet
plan for your kids for their complete growth.

Avoid giving food that has an abundance of sugar, fat, and calories, low in nutritional value. I do understand
we can’t keep our kids away from such foods for too long, but we can decide the portion they can have for
such junk foods. Give them small portions of sugary and starchy foods so that it also fulfils their
temptation to eat junk food and also that won’t affect their health.

Try to give them unprocessed foods as much as possible and try to cook fresh food for them at home. You
can make food look interesting by adding different colours and sauces and shapes. There are many shapes
moulds and edible colours and glitters are available in the market that makes the food look impressive to
kids which they usually refuse to eat.

Encourage your kid to eat in small portions and after small intervals. This habit stops your kid to overeat
food and stop from unnecessary munching of sugary and starchy food.
Kid learn from what they watch their parents or elder siblings did. So, make sure you also eat healthily
and nutritious food only then you can make your kid have such food intake habit.

Teach your kids don’t let your emotions and mental health affect your eating habits. As there are many
kids who eat more or less when they are very much happy or sad. The habit of eating short meals after short
intervals stops your kid from eating either too much or too little.
At last, I have to say that healthy eating habits play a major role in completing the nutritional requirements of the body.