Are you looking for a COVID-19 Home Remedy? It is also known as coronavirus disease of 2019. It is caused by novel coronavirus SARS-COV2. It is widely believed that in late 2019 it begins from Wuhan, China from where it is spread worldwide. Before, it is believed that covid-19 is incurable but later it is being curred with the help of medications and some home remedies also.

Before learning about the home treatment for Covid-19 let us see what are symptoms are caused by the Covid-19 virus. 



Dry cough.

loss of sense of smell or taste.

Shortness of breath

difficult breathing



Sore throat.

joint pains.

You should self-isolate immediately if you are facing any of the above-described symptoms so that you can reduce the risk of covid-19 spread. Those experiencing mild covid symptoms don’t need to seek medical attention, but you should use home remedies to treat them at home.

Stay Home

People with mild covid symptoms or either who are asymptomatic should isolate immediately. they should quarantine themself for 14 days at home so that they can stop the further spread of the virus to healthy people. By staying at home and taking a proper rest infected person can recover soon from the virus. Try to keep clean your room, do proper sanitization of the floor and things in the room to stop the further spread of the virus. Wear clean washed clothes.

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is most important. Drink ample fluids. Citrus juices like lemonade and orange, coconut water, and lukewarm water are effective to cure disease. Try not to take any fluid that is cold or chilled as this will reduce the pace of recovery and may increase complexity in the case.


Turmeric is the spice that has the ability to correct multiple diseases ranging from inflammatory disease to liver disease. there are also some ancient beliefs that claim, like healing ulcers and curing the skin rashes and brushes. One of India’s most white-haired spice and a staple in several Indian dishes, Turmeric is understood to possess the active ingredient curcumin. its powerful properties may shield the center muscle. It additionally the contributive issue to the yellow color of the spice. various studies show that curcumin has medication and cancer properties. It additionally has inhibitor properties. it’s additionally familiar to have an effect on the cutting of the blood thanks to its antithrombotic properties. Heart attacks occur because of the narrowing of the blood vessels. Turmeric has medicinal properties that facilitate combat this by reducing inflammation.


Most of the mild covid cases treatments include pain-relieving medications. It is but always instructed that don’t start any medications without the doctor’s approval.  Antibiotics won’t improve coronavirus, as it is a virus and one should never take antibiotics in any viral infection.

Inhale Steam 

If you have nasal congestion due to cold then you should take hot water steam. Hot water vapor helps to loosen the mucus in the nasal cavity and the lungs. Steam helps in reducing swelling of the nasal cavity due to mucus and also ease respiratory irritation due to cold.


Garlic is a vegetable that is found in almost every kitchen. It has various health benefits and that is why it is used as a natural remedy to cure many diseases since ancient times. Garlic is rich in carbohydrates and minerals such as zinc and vitamin A and B-complex. These minerals also help to build immunity to fight against the covid-19 virus. So, it is good to add a generous amount of garlic to your meal to treat covid.


during the time of quarantine, many people are experienced emotional changes from mild anxiety to serious panic attacks. It is very important to be stress-free to recover soon from covid-19. If you are feeling anxiety due to your health, then do not panic try to keep yourself stress-free. Do meditations to release your stress. you can also do simple basic breathing yoga asanas to ease yourself and this will also help to strengthen your lungs. Try to read with light humor or something that generates positivity in your thoughts.

People with mild covid or asymptomatic cases will mostly be cured at home by simply following the above-mentioned home remedies. But, it always recommended that one should talk to their doctor immediately or seek medical attention if facing any of the below-mentioned symptoms during their home quarantine period.

Trouble breathing

Chest pain or persistent pressure

Trouble staying awake

Blue lips or face

Persistent cough

Fever above 100.4 F