IP camera setup instructions?


Thermal camera Network is used in many important places such as Airports, railways, etc. They are mainly used for fire prevention and defense. The camera’s alarm system helps you to discover unexpected events and therefore protects you from property loss.

Main Functions

VCA function
Fire Detection
Night Vision
Temperature Measurement
Setup instructions
There are many ways to set up a camera but we are going to tell you about a few of them only.


Setting camera through WAN

Before you set up a camera you need a static IP from an ISP( Internet service provider) and make sure you connect the camera to WAN.


1. Firstly you have to connect the camera to the router.
2. Assign a LAN
3. Save the Ip in a router
4. Set port mapping
5. Visit the camera through any web browser
6. Connecting the network camera via a modem
7. Apply for a domain name from any domain name provider.
8. Configure the DDNS settings
9. Visit the camera via the applied domain name.
10. Accessing by Web Browsers
11. Open your favorite browser
12. Put your IP address in the browser’s address bar
13. Enter the username and password and then click login
14. You have to install one plugin for viewing live video